Thursday, 22 November 2018

SoundOut's 10th Year

This is the 10th year of the annual SoundOut festival, and in 2019 we will bring to you the continuation of the incredible bristling explorative sonic arts event. This is the International Improvisation and Experimental Music festival to will uplift tired ears, explore the unknown, see within the fabric of sound, unravel the threads of normative musical praxis, and question sonic hegemonies. Listen to music with an unforced organic quality that will grow on you...It will replenish your ears and mind! It is an unbridled mix of micromodular, minimalism, desynchronized repetition, fractional maximalism, melodic deconstruction, variable repetition, and semi-thematic repetition and extrapolation: that can be moody, atmospheric, unsettling, good-humoured, menacing, ominous, jovial, and above all, original.  With artists from Australia, Germany, and Quebec that will combine, mix, cross-fertilize, and move sound mountains to inspire inquiring ears.

This coming years festival 2019 sees extraordinary artists such as the brilliant SUPERIMPOSE duo: (Germany) [including trombonist Matthias Muller, and Drummer Christian Marien]; also astounding German trumpeter Birgit Ulher; and Australian/Dutch pianist Cor Fuhler; brilliant Australian bassist Clayton Thomas will join SUPERIMPOSE to make the Astronomical Trio; astonishing viola de gamba player from Quebec Pierre-Yves Martel; innovative legendary Australian improviser Jim Denley; amazing percussionist Niki Johnson from Sydney; as well as equally astounding clarinetist Laura Altman, accordion player Monika Brooks and violinist Melanie Herbert from Sydney; Wonderfully inventive duo from Brisbane flautist Hannah Reardon-Smith and trombonist Brodie McAllister; Canberra drummer Lenny Preston; Canberra’s electronic instrument builder/performer Brian McNamarra; the EMSC trio (pianist Millie Watson, wind instrumentalist Richard Johnson and alto saxophonist Rhys Butler); and brilliant clarinetist Marlene Radice plus more.

The 2019 group of Artists has never gathered before and never will again in the same configuration, but they are all involved in an international dialogue that is essential to the unfolding of new music structures and what it means to be human in the 21st Century. Come, see and hear the new music evolve.

SoundOut 2019 is very grateful for the continued generous support from SoundOut, Atticus Coffee, The Drill Hall Gallery, and the volunteers that help with the festival. The Artists would like to thank their respective governments for support.  It will be held this year at the Drill Hall Gallery in Canberra on the Saturday 2nd February 1-5pm and 7 - 11:30pm and Sunday 3rd  February 1-5pm and 7 - 11:30pm. 17hrs: over 4 sessions of extraordinary music.

Unfortunately we did not receive any funding from Government sources this year and because our last grant application round was announced till the 20th November we were left in a precarious position of having to crowd fund for a core amount of funding (only $9000) in a very short period of time before the festival. Please support our wonderful internationally renowned and Award winning festival through our crowd funding campaign on Go-Fund-Me.

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